TransferWise – the best way of sending money abroad

Moving money around the globe? Need to transfer funds abroad to an account in a different currency? Forget banks. They will have a tough time competing with TransferWise which is the innovative solution addressing these needs.

Instead of paying your bank(s) hefty transfer fees, only to find out that they are also ripping you off with their hefty exchange rates, you should check out TransferWise. The company, co-founded by an ex Skype employee and backed by PayPal founder Max Levchin and Richard Branson among others has a pretty unique value proposition.

They only charge you 0.5% for the transfer and use the central exchange rates. Combine more good news with some shameless promotion and you get your first transfer free if you sign up through my link above.

TransferWise saving vs banks

TransferWise sample saving vs banks

good, substantial curses

… and as they worked, they cursed us – not with a common cursory curse, but with long, carefully-thought-out, comprehensive curses, that embraced the whole of our career, and went away into the distant future, and included all our relations, and covered everything connected with us – good, substantial curses.

Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat

Solar FREAKIN Roadways. Too Good to be True?

If you don't know what they are, expand this to watch the original video...


This is where this hype train terminates. Please ensure that you take all cash and credit cards with you when leaving the carriages.

From the first time I saw the video and read the materials, I was certain that no amount of crowdfunding would help make these glass hexagons a reality – especially at large scale. While price was my main concern, I couldn’t quite pin all the individual flaws of the project — and frankly — I didn’t bother. I knew there would be someone qualified who would explain to everyone why this is, well, BS. Took him a while, but here’s the response of science, reason and common sense: